Art therapy sessions are currently available online only.

Does art therapy really work online? Yes! We can build the same non-judgmental, supportive, trusting therapeutic relationship in the virtual space as face-to-face.  Many people feel more comfortable meeting in their own space, where you can share openly, set up your station  as you wish, easily access old work or show me what you’ve been working on between sessions. You don’t have to build in extra travel time, which means you have more time to get centered, relax, make more art, or attend to your other responsibilities before and after your session. You get to decide if you feel more comfortable aiming the camera at yourself or your creative process; I can easily see your artwork whenever you are ready to show me.   If you need help choosing art materials to have for your sessions, I can help!

Online sessions take place via HIPPA-compliant secure online platform, and are available for clients located in British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec. Just log on and we can safely and conveniently work together in the virtual space. Please have a private, quiet environment; reliable internet; a work surface; and art materials of your choice.