As adults, we rarely make the space for creative endeavors because we are too busy with life.

Creative exploration and expression is therapeutic in itself because it is time set aside devoted to your personal mental health and well-being. Creating art in a therapeutic space with a helping professional allows adults to safely externalize and process the stress, worry, fear, and resentment that is internalized every day as you struggle through endless to-do lists and responsibilities. It gives you time to play in a place free from external and internal judgments; it helps you align with your inner rhythms and values, and encourages you to live according to these personal truths. It helps you find joy and new perspectives. Art therapy is beneficial for adults facing life transitions, working with goal setting, struggling in personal relationships, and searching for connection with themselves.

“But I haven’t made art since Kindergarten!” Whether you are a working artist, have a regular creative hobby, or haven’t made art since you were five years old, art therapy can benefit you. Art therapy  is not about creating masterful works of art. Rather, it is working through a creative process that provides access to thoughts, emotions, and internal rhythms in a new way, which often leads to new insights as you visually experience what was previously held inside.r