What is art therapy?

You do not need to be an artist to benefit from art therapy! You may uncover or reconnect with artistic talents as part of the creative process; however, art skills are not required. Art therapy is the process of discovering and expressing yourself creatively through a variety of mediums.

Art therapy uses visual creative processes as tools for communication and self-discovery. The therapeutic art process can help a person connect with and express feelings and ideas that are difficult to communicate verbally, or even unknown on a conscious level, leading to a deeper understanding of the self. The therapeutic art-making experience can contribute to well-being through emotional expression and release, building confidence and relational skills, connecting with joy and purpose, discovering new insights, and simply enjoying the tactile creative process of making art!

Art therapists work with your feelings and beliefs about your current state and support you in creating a way to maximize your daily functioning. Art therapy is appropriate for all ages, genders, and a broad range of concerns, including: connecting to the self, identity, life transitions, relational difficulties, attention/focus, stressful or worrisome feelings or behavioral patterns, and coping with grief and loss.

Art therapy is a widely-recognized and research-supported mental health practice provided by a Masters-level trained professional. For further information, please visit the following websites:

Canadian Art Therapy Association: https://www.canadianarttherapy.org/
American Art Therapy Association: https://arttherapy.org/
Quebec Art Therapy Association: https://aatq.org/en/

What is Art Therapy?