Individual Sessions

Individual therapy is for targeted, one-on-one work on your personal needs and concerns at your pace.

Individual work is the best way to deeply explore your individual concerns, feelings, ideas, and goals to create a path to well-being. Individual therapy can range from once a week to as-needed maintenance check-ins, and we can work for a set period of time or on an ongoing basis. Online individual sessions can be either 50 or 80 minutes long. We will assess together your personal needs and therapeutic goals, and work in a way that feels comfortable for you.

What will my individual sessions be like?

Art therapy is different for everyone, and you set the pace. As we focus on your current concerns, it may be helpful for us to explore multiple aspects of your life, including your family; culture; relationships; values; childhood; school/work experiences; medical history; sleeping/eating patterns; recurring thoughts, fears, and worries; and future hopes and goals. This doesn’t happen all at once! Your stories, through art and words, help us explore and understand more about what shapes your life patterns and in what ways you may or may not be living according to your authentic self.

At the beginning of each session, we will usually check in with how you are feeling and what is going on for you in the moment. This may be art or talk-based. Next, we may revisit themes from past sessions or focus on current changes. You can direct your own art experience or I can provide you with suggestions for materials or themes that I think may help us explore and process your personal circumstances. Some days, you may feel like talking more than making art; some days, you may not feel like talking at all! Together, we will reflect on the imagery you create and on your experience of making art. I will not analyze or critique your artwork; I will listen and ask questions to support you in making meaning from your work. You may be surprised at the thoughts, feelings, or memories that you notice during the process, and what you discover about yourself! You may leave the session with techniques to use in your daily life to help manage feelings of stress, worry, or sadness; to confront difficult situations; or to feel more focused and inspired.