Group Sessions & Workshops

Explore a shared interest or concern from multiple perspectives in a safe, dynamic online environment.

Online group sessions and workshops are wonderful for building community with people who are struggling with similar experiences. The group dynamic offers a unique creative and emotional energy and experience. Group therapy and workshops are currently offered online only. Art directives will be provided around a theme that is appropriate for the group. A suggested art materials list will be provided in advance of the group session.

    • Groups can run for a designated period of time, or can be a permanent, on-going part of a larger program. Group members will be expected to attend regularly.
    • Workshops may be single or multi-session. In a multi-session workshop, individuals will be encouraged, but not required, to attend the full course.

Please contact the studio to discuss your needs and to schedule groups or workshops. Groups may also periodically be organized by Creative Wellness Art Therapy. Please check social media and the Events page for updates!

What will our group sessions be like?

Organized groups and workshops center on a theme that impacts each group member in some way. This may be age/stage related, such as adolescence or motherhood; or it may address a specific concern, like stress, addiction, or bullying. Groups will meet at a specific time and agree to group rules, such as confidentiality and inclusive language. The aim of the group is to form bonds and find support through connection. Groups begin with a check-in, which may be art or talk-based. Then, the group will be given an art directive from which to work. Some activities may be group oriented and active, while others may be individual and contemplative. The group will conclude with each member sharing about the art-making experience, and a brief wrap-up exercise.